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A look back of Cargill Salt featured in the News

June 2015

Making Salty Cheese With Less Sodium (Food Business News)

“Finding a suitable substitute for sodium chloride historically has been difficult because of salt’s unique clean taste and flavor-enhancing properties. However, when it comes to function, sodium and potassium work similarly in managing moisture to reduce microbial growth and control the onset of pathogens, which is why cheese makers often replace some sodium chloride with potassium chloride in order to reduce sodium content.” (article excerpt)

May 2015

Harvard Reduces Overall Sodium by Thirty Percent (Harvard University)

Learn how Harvard University dining services used Cargill Salt’s foodservice offering, Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt, to reduce sodium levels.

March 2015

Promoting Positives While Subtracting Sodium (Food Business News)

“Based on past experience with ‘low sodium’ claims that didn’t always meet consumers’ flavor expectations, today manufacturers typically perform a stealth reduction with reduced sodium food products,” said Janice Johnson, Ph.D., food applications leader for Cargill Salt

Keeping Meat On The Menu (Meat & Poultry)

“Stepwise reductions in salt over time can be a good overall strategy, as there is a belief by many food manufacturers that when salt is removed in small increments, the decrease in salty flavor is small enough to go unnoticed by consumers,” says Julie Schuette, technical food applications manager, Cargill, Minneapolis.

April 2014

Salt: French Fries That Satisfy (Prepared Foods)

This article explores how Alberger® brand salt performs drastically different than granulated salt on french fries, resulting in less waste and a saltier tasting fry.

March 2014

Blue Chip Snacks (Food Technology)

Chips still make up the lion’s share, but salt replacement ingredients open new opportunities for better-for-you entrants in all categories.”

February 2014

It’s What’s Inside That Counts (Meat & Poultry)

“Dashboard dining is at an all-time high, as is consumer desire for innovative, intense and ethnic flavor combinations that have the right amount of health and wellness components to keep the food delicious with minimal guilt.” (article excerpt)

Raising the Nutritional Profile of Baked Goods – Page 20 (Food Product Design Online)

Article about how processors can improve the nutritional attributes in baked goods to boost consumer appeal.

December 2013

Sodium reduction: A little goes a long way (Food Business News)

How the size and shape of salt impacts sodium perception in foods and how using products like Alberger® brand salts can help you reduce sodium.

November 2013

A Soup in Every Pot (Food Technology)

Trends in soups from ancient grains, global flavors, and sodium reduction

October 2013

Get Smart About Salt (Baking & Snack)

Strategies to reduce sodium in already fairly low sodium food

September 2013

Meating Expectations ( Food Processing) – Page 53

Meat, Poultry, & Seafood processors are finding ways to maintain flavor while adding less sodium.

A Wealth of Wellness Ingredients in the Windy City (Food Technology – subscription required)

A look at some of the ingredients featured in great prototypes at the IFT Expo.

Hand-Held: It’s what’s inside that counts (Culinology)

The next generation of filled foods and stuffed sandwiches offer a tantalizing array of flavors & textures.

July 2013

Power of Marinades  (Food Product Design) – page 22

This article provides insights from experts at regarding techniques used to marinate different proteins.  It discussed the functionality of key marinade ingredients: sugar & salt; as well as how marinades provide flavor and tenderness to various proteins.

Slide Show: Sodium Reduction Strategies (Food Product Design)

This slide show highlights some of the sodium reduction products showcased at the 2013 IFT expo in Chicago; including reduced sodium Pizza Poppers made with Cargill Salt’s FlakeSelect™ sodium reduction products.

Food & Beverage Close-Up (Dairy Foods)

Cargill displays product solutions that focus on Childhood Nutrition and Sustainability at the 2013 IFT expo.

Helping the Deli Get Better For You (Progressive Grocer)

This article focuses on Cargill’s efforts to help food manufacturers create products for kids that they enjoy eating and that are good for them.

June 2013

Different Ingredients Target the Same Goal: Sodium Reduction (Baking & Snack)

Amid growing concerns among consumers to limit their daily sodium intake, industry innovators like Cargill are introducing reduced sodium solutions for broad use in the baking industry.

A New Attitude Toward Snacks (Food Processing)

As more consumers adhere to the five-meals a day plan, they seek healthier snacks. Sodium reduction remains a top concern for snack manufacturers reformulating to offer healthier products that still maintain consumer appeal.

Feast on Formulation Inspiration (Food Technology)

A preview of the thematic topics that will be addressed by food manufacturers at IFT 2013.

Cargill at IFT 2013 (Nutraceutical Business & Technology)

The foods and beverages that Cargill will highlight at IFT 2013 and how the company’s solutions and technical expertise can enable more nutritious kid-friendly foods and beverages and more sustainable supply chains.

May 2013

Sodium Reduction: Natural Cheese Remains a Big Challenge (Food Navigator – USA)

Dr. Janice Johnson, a technical services leader in salt, and Jackie Van Norden, product line manager, take a closer look at sodium reduction challenges and solutions when producing natural cheeses.

Many Consumers Still (Mistakenly) Believe That Sea Salt Contains Less Sodium Than Table Salt (Food Navigator – USA)

While some people argue that the intense flavor of sea salt means manufacturers can use less – thereby reducing sodium – this is more a matter of perception than fact.

Moving Forward on Sodium Reduction (Food Technology)

A closer look at the sodium reduction ingredient solutions that food manufacturers are using to overcome formulation challenges to develop better-tasting low- and reduced-sodium products that meet with consumer acceptance.

Using a patent-pending compacting technology, Cargill combines salt and other ingredients into clustered, thin flakes that have uniform consistency, low bulk density, high solubility, and a large surface area. Sold under the FlakeSelect™ portfolio, these ingredients can be used in a range of food products like salty snacks, bakery, and seasoning blends for meat products.

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